Missing Replication State Machine Constant

On this page, talking about the Upload Folder State, we have a note which references the constant UPS_ONE_FOLDER. This constant is not defined in our list of MAPI Constants or in a header file. This is an oversight. Here’s the definition for this constant: #define UPS_ONE_FOLDER 0x00000004 That is all.


EnumAccounts Sample and Some New Account Management Props

[This is now documented here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff976794.aspx ] A while back, Jason posted an Account Management API sample. I’ve threatened promised before that I would post an update to this sample, and I finally got around to it. You can download the updated sample here. In addition to adding a –W command to call DisplayAccountList and…


Outlook 2003 Also Rules

A little follow-up to the Outlook Rules post, concerning getting rules to fire when you’ve got a wrapped PST store. I had noted in the original post that rules “just worked” in Outlook 2003. Turns out I was partially right. They can work in Outlook 2003, but you have to do something a little special…


I Did Read Your Message

On my article about enabling rules in the Wrapped PST, Richard pointed out that when you do this, read receipts stop working. We’ve investigated this and found that there’s something a little extra you have to do to get read receipts to fire. Remember that we’re using ITEMPROC_FORCE to push the messages through the Item…


Did I Send That?

[This is now documented here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff960604.aspx ] We had a customer here who wondered why messages imported into MAPI using MIMEToMAPI always appeared as draft messages. This is because the default value of PR_MESSAGE_FLAGS includes the MSGFLAG_UNSENT flag. Now – if you know you want your messages to not appear as drafts, the thing to…


Rebase That: Update to the Calendar Rebasing Library

We just released an update to our calendar rebasing library, Tzmovelib.dll. This update includes a refresh to the documentation. One thing that didn’t make it into this refresh was an updated sample and documentation for a new exported function, primarily because I didn’t have it ready in time. So I’m documenting the new function here,…


So – You Want Forward Should Include the Body?

One of our customers reported that if they used IConverterSession::MIMEToMAPI to generate an MSG file, then opened the MSG file and hit Forward, the body would be gone. Further investigation revealed more funkiness. Reply worked, but if you tried Forward, closed the forwarded message, then tried Reply again, the body would be missing there as…


Managing The Outlook Account Management Dialogs

[This is now documented here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff976789.aspx] We’ve decided to document another function in the Account Management API, DisplayAccountList. This function allows you to display the Account Settings dialog: and Add New E-Mail Account property sheet: DisplayAccountList hangs off of IOlkAccountManager interface, occupying the second slot in the v-table, like so: interface IOlkAccountManager : IOlkErrorUnknown {…


April 2008 Release of MFCMAPI

The April 2008 Release (build is live: http://www.codeplex.com/MFCMAPI Here’s the change list – see the Issue Tracker on Codeplex for more details, or look at the code: A few compatibility issues with older compilers (VC 6 and VC 2005) – thanks to Pete for pointing these out. Added support for the new restriction types…


New Restriction Types Seen In Wrapped PSTs

[This is now documented here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee201126(EXCHG.80).aspx ] Those of you wrapping PSTs may see something interesting in the restrictions Outlook 2007 will try to set against your folders. There are a couple of new restriction types you won’t have seen before. Outlook will only use these restriction types when it’s working with stores it knows…