Unaligned Data and the PST Provider Redux

Just wanted to note that the April Cumulative Update for Outlook 2007 fixes the unaligned data issue with the PST provider. So passing a statically allocated NULL string as a PST password should no longer be a problem. BTW – Outlook’s update isn’t listed in the overview article for the April Update. This is because…


Office 2007 SP2 is Live!

Get it here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=B444BF18-79EA-46C6-8A81-9DB49B4AB6E5


MAPI Named Properties

Jason Nelson has an interesting article up on the EHLO blog discussing MAPI named properties in Exchange. Specifically, he covers the history and reasons behind x-headers, how they’ve been handled in the past, and how we’ll be handling them in an upcoming rollup for Exchange 2007, and later, in Exchange 14. Addressing a couple of…


CDO and the Euro

We had a customer who used CDO to create appointments and send meeting requests. Since they were operating in Europe, it wasn’t unusual for these items to have the Euro symbol (€) in the body of a meeting. When they would send the appointment, if the recipient was on Exchange 2007, all the Euro symbols…


MrXP Rules (At Least When You Tell It To)

I’m repeating myself – I did use a variation on this title before. In this case, suppose you’re using a custom transport provider, like MrXP, and you’re delivering to a regular (not wrapped) PST. In Outlook 2003, this worked great. If you had rules set up, they all got fired on delivery. In Outlook 2007…


Unaligned Data and the PST Provider

I just wanted to let you know about a problem we’ve found with the February update for Outlook 2007. If you’ve got code that calls ConfigureMsgService for the PST provider, and you’re passing PR_PST_PW_SZ_OLD (or PR_PST_PW_SZ_NEW) you might run into a crash scenario. The crash can happen if the string you’re passing for this parameter…


Accelerators in the Web Browser Control

Suppose you want to put the Web Browser control on an Outlook form. You might follow the steps in this article to create a custom form with the Web Browser control embedded on the second page. Suppose then you switch to this page, load a web page in the control, then try to use the…


Outlook 2007 – Now With SP2!

Ok- not exactly SP2 itself, but the Outlook Team has announced that the February update that shipped this week includes a number of performance tweaks and fixes that were originally destined for SP2. Notable among these tweaks are a number of improvements to PSTs, and the Fast Shutdown mechanism. I’m working on documentation for developers…


Direct Load of ExMAPI32.dll Now Works

A few months ago I documented a bug in the Exchange MAPI download that prevents you from loading ExMAPI32.dll directly. The only way to load it was through the MAPI Stub library. This problem is now fixed with the 6.5.8069 update. A few notes: You must uninstall the Exchange MAPI download before installing the update….


Rewriting the From Address in Exchange 2007

So – we’ve got customers who had been using the Exchange 2007 Transport Agent’s OnRoutedMessage event as a place to rewrite From addresses. This broke in Exchange 2007 SP1 due to some tweaks we made to the transport pipeline to solve a variety of other issues. We’ve got a fix for this now in Exchange…