Turbo Encabulator

My dad read through my blog yesterday. He sent me this video, which he says makes far more sense to him. I think I agree: Turbo Encabulator


Get Some Facebook In Your Outlook

This is really cool – I’ve been running an internal beta build of it for a while now. You can now see Facebook status updates for anyone who sends you mail, depending on their privacy settings. Get the Office Social Connector 1.1 here: 32-bit Outlook 2010: Update for Outlook Social Connector (KB983403), 32-Bit Edition. 64-bit…


Google Analytics

With AdCenter Analytics closing up shop, I’ve been forced to switch over to Google Analytics to track my blog. For now, I’ve opted out of sharing any of my information. This is my first experience with Google’s program. I’m hoping you won’t see any changes.


Feeling Conflicted?

This is from the “Not Everything I Know is Dev”-file. I’ll put a developer spin on it though. We get customers who modify messages from the client side. Usually, they’re tagging something on the message to indicate it’s been processed. Sometimes, especially with Cached mode, they see the messages they’re modifying show up in the…


Understanding How You Use This Blog

Ed has asked if a few of us could help out with his survey by posting a link to it here. I’m happy to oblige: Greetings Blog Readers, My name is Ed Jolly, and I am a director in the Commercial Technical Support (CTS) organization at Microsoft. I am here to request a few minutes…


Team Blog...Sort Of

There’s a bunch of us here that work in developer support for the Messaging APIs that actively blog. We’ve been kicking around the idea of putting together a team blog, but no one wanted to give up our own blogs. So we’ve come up with what I think is a good compromise. Most of us…


Stay at Home Server??

Yesterday, a new Developer Support engineer started here – Rick Hallihan, of OneManShouting fame. We snagged him away from the Home Server MVP program. (I hope we didn’t make any enemies in doing so!) We’re gonna teach him up good in MAPI and he’ll in turn learn us all he knows about Home Server. Speaking…


Please Include Me In Your Reply As I Am Not A Member Of This DL

Raymond and Matt just posted their own thoughts on e-mail etiquette, especially as it applies here at Microsoft. I figure this is a good point for me to highlight my own pet peeve: Please include me in your reply as I am not a member of this DL To understand why this phrase both amuses…


Lego Star Wars II: Rudolph the Red Nose Jedi

Ok – fine. I admit it. I’m a Lego and Star Wars geek. So it’s no surprise I love this game. That’s why, when I heard there was a cheat to make a Santa Claus figure(http://www.rebelscum.com/story/front/LEGO_Star_Wars_II_Easter_Christmas_Egg_102422.asp), I rushed to try it out. Something about the cheat bugged me though. After you input the TYH319 beard…


Comment Spam

Just so everyone knows, I’ve gotten a lot of comments lately that are either totally disgusting or just product advertisements. So I’ve turned comment moderation back on and will delete any such comments whenever I find them. I’ll do my best to make sure legitimate comments gets posted in a timely fashion.