[This is now documented here:] If you’re like me, you spend your time using Depends to see what kinds of new and exciting functions are exported every time there’s a new release of Outlook. Ok – so I don’t really do that, but development did ask me to document one of those functions. Here…


You Dirty Rat

[This is now documented here: ] Another in the series of APIs Development asked me to document. This time, it’s a property you can request via IDispatch to ask if an item is dirty or not. Same as last time, I didn’t test this code, so I’d appreciate feedback. dispidFDirty This property is used…


No Photos Please

[This is now documented here: ] [This API no longer functions in Outlook 2013 – it is Outlook 2010 only] Development recently asked that I document a few oddball Outlook APIs. Here’s the first – a way to turn the Sender Contact Photo feature on or off in a particular inspector or explorer window….


Throttling Exchange 2010 SP1

Remember when I talked about throttling in Exchange 2010? One of the drawbacks was that you could only configure throttling at the mailbox level, meaning if the account didn’t have a mailbox, you couldn’t control how it was throttled. This seriously affected (broke) cross forest and machine account scenarios. They were all governed by the…


July 2010 Release of MFCMAPI

The July 2010 Release (build July 2010 Second Release (build is live: The scope of this release was primarily under the covers engineering, most notably to add SAL annotations. While adding these notations took seemingly forever, in the process I did run across a few potential crashing bugs, so the effort was…


Get Some Facebook In Your Outlook

This is really cool – I’ve been running an internal beta build of it for a while now. You can now see Facebook status updates for anyone who sends you mail, depending on their privacy settings. Get the Office Social Connector 1.1 here: 32-bit Outlook 2010: Update for Outlook Social Connector (KB983403), 32-Bit Edition. 64-bit…


Remote Typelibs and the Outlook Object Model

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like to install Office on my build servers. Neither do some of my customers, one of whom reported that they couldn’t get their Outlook 2010 based object model code to compile on their build servers. The problem they reported was in their #import statements. They looked something like this:…


Content Indexing and Search Folders

[This is now documented here: ] I recently had a customer who noticed that their MAPI search folders weren’t updating properly when they moved to Exchange 2010. Their wasn’t anything complicated about the search criteria – they called SetSearchCriteria passing a RES_CONTENT type restriction looking for PR_MESSAGE_CLASS matching their item type. The search folder…


Exchange 2010 RU4 Fixes MAPI Bugs

The Exchange team just announced the availability of Update Rollup 4 for Exchange 2010. We got a number of MAPI fixes in there: 979810 You cannot connect an Exchange Server 2010 mailbox by using a MAPI client 980353 A MAPI application that is used to access Exchange Server 2010 mailboxes crashes when the application accesses…


Adjacent Windows In Outlook

We just put a code sample and accompanying documentation up on Code Gallery for something we’re calling adjacent windows. Basically, this is the practice of using the Windows API to hook Outlook’s windows and insert your own panes, which you are then responsible for managing. The important thing to remember here is that doing this…