April 2017 Release of MFCMAPI and MrMAPI

The April 2017 Release (build 17.0.17099.01) is live: https://github.com/stephenegriffin/mfcmapi/releases/tag/17.0.17099.01.

Since codeplex is going down, I've migrated releases over to Github. I've fixed a few nagging UI issues, and added a first pass of a new Search UI. This is basically using the old Table/Restriction code, but hopefully a bit more user friendly.

Please continue to report issues on Github.



Comments (1)

  1. David Mounsey says:

    Hi Stephen
    MFCMapi has helped me diagnose and potentially formulate a solution to a 15yr problem Exchange has had importing PST files
    The dreaded “Your email program is using outdated address information” issue which is not solvable through ‘clearing the auto-complete cache’
    Would love to get in touch with you to see if a small tool /extension could be built based on MFCMAPI.

    I’m not a programmer, but understand and can read code, but what MFCMAPI does is beyond my capabilities.

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