November 2016 Release of MFCMAPI and MrMAPI

The November 2016 Release (build 16.0.16319.01) is live:

My new build management system appears to be working well. This is the second release using it and I haven’t had to stress about ensuring every build was correct and zipped and properly named – all of that’s automated now. Much happy.

The github migration has been very smooth:

I’m getting the hang of hacking locally with constant commits, then syncing to the server when I’m happy. The Continuous Integration and nightly build jobs I’ve got set up on Visual Studio are keeping me honest. I’ve also been moch more free to do massive code reorgs as I know if I screw it up I’ll get caught quickly.

The only major visual change is the introduction of  best guess logic for property tag names. I’ve been using this logic on some internal debug tools for a while now and really wanted to get it in to MFCMAPI. So now the name column in MFCMAPI will display one single best guess name. All other names for a property go into the other column. I’ve also reflected the named property names and ids up to the name column so every property gets a name if we have one. One of the biggest gaffes I see in MFCMAPI usage is reports that a property is missing, when it was really there but they looked in the wrong column for the name. Hopefully this change will stop most of that.

I’ll forgo the change list. You can see what I’ve done up on Github.


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    Chrome is saying the file is malicious

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