Exchange 2013 OWA URLs

If you dig around in the EWS documentation, you’ll find this element: WebClientReadFormQueryString, which should give you a URL for an item in OWA. When Exchange Server 2013 shipped, we had some EWS developers who noticed this element was still giving out URLs in Exchange Server 2010’s OWA URL format, which no longer works with Exchange 2013. If you look in the Remarks for the  WebClientReadFormQueryString article, you’ll see we‘ve added documentation to allow you to build URLs for 2013 by hand.

So – what happened? As Kristian describes it, Outlook Web Access in Exchange 2013 is a complete rewrite from the previous versions of OWA. This means a whole lot of new features (like Office Mail Apps), but it also means some features got left out. This article gives the highlights. In that article, you’ll note that Outlook Web App customization, as it existed in earlier versions, is not available in Exchange 2013. Part of this includes the old 2010 style URLs that could be used to create and access different types of items.

So – with Exchange 2013, you can use the format given in the documentation for WebClientReadFormQueryString to create a URL to view an existing email message. We do not have a similar URL format for other types of items, such as Appointments, Contacts, or Tasks. We also do not have a URL format for creation of items.

Comments (5)

  1. Dennis says:

    Really good information

  2. Tim Rodman says:

    This is unfortunate. One of the big advantages of web-based apps in my opinion is the ability to pass parameters using URLs. Will this feature get re-introduced in future versions?

    This would be very useful, especially when making URLs that automatically open an email and fill-in the To, Subject, etc. fields.

  3. Thoai Nguyen says:

    how do I pass recipient email to the below URL (that successfully open the web outlook email)

  4. Maksymilian Mulawa says:

    In WebClientReadFormQueryString MSDN article it seems that check on 15.00.775.009 is not correct, the problem with Ex 2010 URL was present also on version 15.00.0847.031 too. Maybe check should be performed if WebClientReadFormQueryString starts with a “?”.

    1. Maksymilian Mulawa says:

      Forgot to add, that correct url for reading an email message should be constructed using following snippet
      string.Format(“#viewmodel=ReadMessageItem&ItemID={0}”, System.Web.HttpUtility.UrlEncode(ewsIdentifer, Encoding.UTF8))

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