Message Header Analyzer Hits the Big Time

Anybody remember that Message Header Analyzer App for Office I wrote about last month? Well, the folks who do support for Exchange and Office 365 caught wind of it and liked it. In fact, they liked it so much they asked me to port the code into their Remove Connectivity Analyzer. Here’s the blog entry they just put up yesterday announcing this:

So even if you don’t have Exchange 2013, you can still use the Message Header Analyzer by going to Feature requests and bug reports can either be directed through the feedback link on that site or by contacting me.


Comments (2)

  1. The Remote Connectivity Analyzer team says:

    We love you Stephen!  Thank you for letting us share your tool on the Remote Connectivity website!!!

  2. Vincent says:

    Hello, Stephen!

    Does your addin work in desktop Outlook 2013? If so, how did you get message header? I inspected a whole MailItem interface, but found NOTHING! Cannot believe for 20 years MS didn’t study how to architect API… :((

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