November 2011 Release of MFCMAPI and MrMAPI

Still no mention of MFCMAPI on Wikipedia. I had such high hopes. Sigh.

The November 2011 Release (build is live:

Note that build number. That’s right. I jumped all the way from 6 (where I’ve been stuck forever) to 15. That’s the sort of jump that’s normally only accompanied by a full UI refresh. And that’s exactly what you get! I’ve overhauled just about every aspect of the UI for a more modern, some might say “Metro inspired”, look. I’ll admit, there’s still some work to be done (I didn’t get to scrollbars for instance) but this is a pretty good start. Let’s take a look:

[See the new screenshot here.]

I’ve drastically slimmed down the menus, stuffing most of the little used functionality into Advanced menus that most of you will never need to open. The old, usually empty, File menu is gone and Session now takes prominence. This should help new users immensely. Long time users of MFCMAPI may want to spend a little time figuring out where their favorite features went, but nothing’s been cut.

A note about the tree: In the past, whenever you selected or expanded a folder, MFCMAPI would register for notifications on that folder and a number of it’s child folders. This was represented in the UI by bolding the folder name. This just confused people, so now, the only time I bold a folder name is to represent the currently selected folder. You can tell if MFCMAPI is listening for notifications on a folder by looking for a little red “I’m listening”icon after the folder name. It looks like this:

Listening Icon

Here's a change list - see the Issue Tracker on Codeplex for more details, or look at the code:

  • MFCMAPI: The entire UI (save scrollbars) has been updated with our new look.
  • MFCMAPI: The menu system has been given a long overdue scrub and overhaul.
  • MFCMAPI: The links in the help are now clickable.
  • MFCMAPI: Options shortcut – Ctrl+O brings up the newly slimmed options dialog.
  • MFCMAPI: While reskinnng the tree view I found several opportunities for performance enhancements. The tree should load faster, with less chatter to the server, and fewer issues with refresh as notifications come in.
  • Hex Editor: I’ve added commas (,) to the list of ignored characters for hex strings, making importing hex from other applications simpler.
  • Debug Viewer: Cancel has been replaced with Close, which makes much more sense.
  • MrMAPI: I’ve added pbGlobalProfileSectionGuid to our guid list


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  1. Hopeless 🙁 Still MAPI_E_CLL_FAILED on startup if Outlook is installed, has a profile configured, but is not a default email client (Thunderbird in my case). Is it possible to initialize MAPI somehow having default email client other than Outlook?

  2. Alexey – I added an option a couple builds ago to force Outlook's MAPI, for just this case. Did you try that option?

  3. Oh, I see. Sorry about that. Didn't find it at first. Thank you, works flawless! 🙂

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