April 2011 Release of MFCMAPI.Net

The April 2011 Release (build is live: http://mfcmapi.codeplex.com.

I know I just released the March update a few days ago, but I just got permission from development to release this. I have thrown off the shackles of C++ and fully embraced the awesome power of the CLR. MFCMAPI.NET is a complete rewrite of MFCMAPI using the .Net framework.

The productivity gains were immediate. I was able to completely rewrite MFCMAPI, from scratch, in just 20 minutes. Since I had allotted a full hour for the conversion, I spent the extra time adding some new features, such as:

  • Fix My Calendar: This feature will automatically identify whatever problem is plaguing your calendar and Fix It.
  • Do That Thing I Just Did, But Everywhere: Ever found a problem on a large number of messages that you could fix just by editing a single property? With this revolutionary new feature, MFCMAPI.Net will record the steps you performed on one message and play them back on all of the other messages. What if you only need to edit a subset of your messages? Don’t worry, this feature Just Knows which messages to update. It’s that easy!
  • No MAPI Required: The most amazing feature of MFCMAPI.Net, and the one of which I am most proud, is No MAPI Required. That’s right – MFCMAPI.Net doesn’t need MAPI installed to function! In fact, it doesn’t need an Exchange server either. How does it work? Simple: the cloud.

Even after implementing those amazing features, I still had a half hour left, so I decided to fix a few other outstanding issues for the Outlook and Exchange product teams. Look for announcements soon of the following hotfixes:

  • Unicode MSG file and PSTs in MAPICDO.
  • 64 bit support in MAPICDO.
  • Unified 32 and 64 bit support in all versions of Outlook and MAPI. That’s right – all 32 bit MAPI code will now work without any changes against 64 bit MAPI, and vice versa.
  • Return of Exchange Client Extensions in Outlook 2010 and above.
  • The EDK is back!

All in all, it was a super productive 45 minutes coding with .Net. I even had time for a nap! I look forward to doing it again.


Comments (8)

  1. Matt Weber says:

    Great, and about time. I was wondering when MFCMAPI was going to finally get magical cloud support.

  2. Dave B. says:

    This sounds like it'll fix all the outstanding calendar issues we're experiencing in one simple step! And the DTTIJDBE functionality will be a huge time-saver! Add in the fact that this all works without MAPI via the cloud should simplify deployment. (Plus I get to use a buzzword that appeals to our managers when doing my weekly reports.) Thanks for your 45 minutes of work to improve the lives of Exchange admins everywhere. Now I'll have plenty of time to go shopping for Angry Birds Pork Rinds at ThinkGeek!

  3. Ted Lilley says:

    Amazing, considering MS's "official" position has been that CDO will never be supported from .NET.  Something about incompatible memory management models between .NET and some kinds of COM modules.  Must be that fairy dust cloud. Or is it another kind of smoke cloud? ;);)

  4. MS says:

    You might say that your Outlook is Cloud-y…

  5. Eric Legault says:

    LOL – I'm a little late, but I did click the link before reading the rest (and checking the post date).  Very funny.  I'm sitting here with my laptop annoying the hell out of my wife with Rick Astley while she tries to watch Castle.

  6. Me says:

    You're mean! Not as mean as the politician that announced he was going to quit, but mean anyway!

  7. Michael C says:


    I think someone hijacked your link:  "The April 2011 Release (build is live: http://mfcmapi.codeplex.com."

    If you click on the link it goes to youtube instead of mfcmapi.codeplex.com.

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