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Over the weekend, we shipped a new version of the MAPICDO download. First things first: Right now, the download page refers to something called CDO 1.2.3. This is an error. It should say CDO 1.2.1, as it always has. I’m working to get this corrected. Fixed! Now, on to the release notes:

Installation details:

  • This version is 6.5.8211.0. All of the files in the update are dated February 23rd, 2011.
  • If you already have a version of the MAPI Download installed, you must uninstall it before installing the new version. The installer does not upgrade, nor does it warn you if you try to install it without uninstalling the previous version.


  • Potential corruption of recurring meetings when accepting a meeting update using CDO. The repro scenario for this issue is somewhat unusual. Most meetings processed by CDO were never in any danger of hitting this issue, but those that were would hit it every time, resulting in corruption of Subject and Location fields on meeting exceptions, and potentially resulting in access violations. This change addresses all known causes of this corruption.
  • MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT from CDO's GetAssociatedAppointment in certain hosting scenarios. In this scenario, depending on how accounts in the hosting environment were set up, certain NSPI calls would return unaccounted for  (but correct) results. This change allows us to be more flexible in these environments.
  • Addition of the Magadan Standard time zone and other tweaks related to
  • Addition of a new notification flag to get long term entry IDs from notifications. This change deserves a write-up of its own, which I hope to post shortly. Update: Documented here


Comments (5)
  1. PB says:

    Is the notification flag fix (or anything within this release for that matter) related to the Blackberry delay issues? To date there still seems to be no formal approach to this problem.

  2. PB: I'm not really involved in that issue, but if it was a performance issue that involved OpenEntry calls after notifications, then the new notification flag would allow them a way to improve performance. Read more on the flag here:…/mapicdo-and-long-term-entry-ids.aspx

  3. J. Young says:

    MAPI on the x64 side of 2008 R2 (and probably with the 32 bit version, although MAPI/CDO does not do this) wants to prompt you if no default mail client is registered/defined.  In some cases you may not want a client and are just interfacing to the MAPI32.dll for the sake of it (like looking at return codes, instead of checking version information and taking different paths)… and this is okay.  However prompting with a message box blocks processes running as service, COM app, etc, if that process tries to load a DLL/EXE/etc that may try to interface to MAPI32.dll in this way.

    Can this prompting behaviour be circumvented or better yet completely removed…


  4. H.Quaine says:

    Is there a download for TS machines running outlook?

  5. Outlook implements MAPI, so there is no reason you would want to install MAPICDO on a machine running Outlook. It's also not supported.

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