September 2010 Release of MFCMAPI

The September 2010 Release (build is live:

My work the past two months on MFCMAPI was all over the map, no real focus. I fixed a few bugs, added some Smart View parsing, and made opening random profile sections a bit easier.

Here's a change list - see the Issue Tracker on Codeplex for more details, or look at the code:

  • SmartView: Parsing for PR_USERFIELDS (MSDN documentation is on the way!)
  • Profile Sections: The old Open Profile Section dialog has been replaced with a new one with a drop down for selecting known profile sections. Also, the parser which converts what you typed to a GUID is much improved – braces and dashes are now optional. Finally, since what a GUID looks like in memory or in the registry differs from the “canonical” form, there’s now a handy-dandy checkbox to indicate when you need your string byte swapped.
  • IMsgServiceAdmin2: Hate the way MFCMAPI has to mark profile sections before calling CreateMsgService? By using IMsgServiceAdmin2, this problem is avoided. (MSDN documentation for this interface is also on the way!)
  • Bug: Importing from MSG files allows multiple files again, and will stop importing everything to the Associated Contents table.
  • Bug: You can now create empty string properties – not sure how long ago I broke this.


Comments (1)

  1. Lev says:

    "Hate the way MFCMAPI has to mark profile sections before calling CreateMsgService?"

    It's not that I hate MFCMAPI, I hate myself during these moments 🙂  Thanks Steve!  CreateMsgServiceEx will come handy.

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