Adjacent Windows In Outlook

We just put a code sample and accompanying documentation up on Code Gallery for something we’re calling adjacent windows. Basically, this is the practice of using the Windows API to hook Outlook’s windows and insert your own panes, which you are then responsible for managing. The important thing to remember here is that doing this is not supported. We strongly encourage you to use the supported technologies for extending Outlook, such as form regions. However, if you do choose to extend Outlook with adjacent windows, we offer these best practices to ensure coexistence with other solutions which do the same thing.

This is the first sample I’ve ever posted on Code Gallery. Even though we’re not planning on supporting it, Code Gallery does give us a way to get feedback and make changes quickly if we decide we need to. So you can use the Issue Tracker or Discussions to ask questions or report issues. We’ll be looking at them – we just can’t guarantee a response or resolution.


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