March 2010 Release of MFCMAPI

The March 2010 Release (build is live:

Two big changes in this release: a debug viewer and right click context menus in Hex Editor and other dialogs. The debug viewer is really nifty. MFCMAPI has had debug output available for years now. You can turn it on from Other/Options. However most people never find it there, and when they do find it, they’re unsure how to see the output. With the Debug Viewer (shortcut: Ctrl+D), you can see debug output directly inside MFCMAPI! Here’s some sample output (click for larger view):

Debug Viewer sample output

Even though I tend to run MFCMAPI under the debugger anyway, being the developer, this new way to view debug output has already pinpointed the root cause of a couple bugs. Next time you’re chasing down a problem where you don’t understand what’s happening in MFCMAPI, try turning on the debug output and see if it sheds some light on the situation. And let me know if you see problems with the debug output itself.

Here's a change list - see the Issue Tracker on Codeplex for more details, or look at the code:

  • Dialogs: All rich edit controls in my dialogs now have right click context menus. All the functionality in the context menus already worked with keyboard shortcuts. Now you can use the mouse as well.
  • Header tooltips: My previous fix to get these working was a bit overkill. Backed off to a behavior that more closely approximates the tooltips you see in Explorer.
  • Smart View: Much refactoring of the smart view engine to eliminate duplicate code and fix some minor parsing issues.
  • Smart View: Added a parser for Flat Entry List properties .
  • Unicode: Fixed a problem locating MAPI on non English systems in the Unicode build .


Comments (3)

  1. w brown says:

    Thanks for your continued work on this. The debug viewer is indeed quite nice.

  2. peter says:

    Do you parse the property PidLidAppointmentUnsendableRecipients or just show its binary value?

    The problem is that the format of this property is  not described properly in MS-OXOCAL.PDF

  3. I’ll have to check – if I can make sense of the doc I’ll add it.

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