Announcing EWSEditor 1.5!

Matt’s very excited about the release of EWSEditor. This tool does for EWS what MFCMAPI does for MAPI. With this tool, Matt does what I did with MFCMAPI and what I recommend to anyone trying to learn a new API: the best way to learn an API is to write tools that use it.

As you work with EWSEditor, you may notice a few things which are similar to MFCMAPI. This is no coincidence. EWS and MAPI, both designed primarily to interact with an Exchange server, share much of the same object hierarchy, which in turn dictates that tools designed to explore these hierarchies will be similar. Also, since we sit near each other and act as each other’s ad-hoc PMs, we borrow each other’s features. For instance, EWSEditor implements much of the same Smart View parsing as MFCMAPI, using the same logic, recoded from C++ to CSharp.

Of course, there’s one similarity between EWSEditor and MFCMAPI that has nothing to do with the underlying APIs or fancy features and everything to do with the fact that Matt and I are programmers, not icon designers. Look familiar?



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