Inside the PST

As Paul Thurrott notes, we just announced that we’re documenting the PST file structure. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be writing a standalone parser/viewer/validator, but I’m sure I’ll be adding some interesting stuff to MFCMAPI. I’ll let you know when I know more.


Exchange MAPI Download Version 6.5.8131.0

Just had someone ask me what changed in this version compared to the last build. Most of the changes were tweaks to various timezones, such as the addition of a timezone for Yakutsk, my favorite Risk territory. Additionally, we fixed a problem with ITnef::AddProps. You’d only need to worry about the TNEF change if you’re…


So Long System Attendant Mailbox

Dave has a post up about the fate of the System Attendant Mailbox in Exchange 2010. Since this mailbox isn’t there anymore in 2010, if you have a solution that depended on it, you’ll need to rework it. Dave gives a few suggestions, such as creating your own mailbox/account (the best option since you can…


Outlook 2010 and Shutting Down Add-Ins

Ryan has a new post up about changes we’re making to Outlook 2010 to make shutdown faster. These changes are building on the previous changes we made introducing Fast Shutdown. Two key takeaways: MAPI Providers now get Fast Shutdown by default. They may still opt out of Fast Shutdown by implementing IMAPIClientShutdown. Outlook 2010 will…