EnumAccounts Sample and Some New Account Management Props

[This is now documented here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff976794.aspx ]

A while back, Jason posted an Account Management API sample. I’ve threatened promised before that I would post an update to this sample, and I finally got around to it. You can download the updated sample here.

In addition to adding a –W command to call DisplayAccountList and show the Account Settings Wizard, I’ve also added a couple new properties that dev have decided to document:


PROP_ACCT_USER_EMAIL_ADDR is simply the e-mail address for the account, and PROP_MAPI_IDENTITY_ENTRYID is the address book entry ID for the account, similar to what you’d expect from QueryIdentity. Neither property is expected on every account. For instance, in one profile here, an Exchange account has PROP_MAPI_IDENTITY_ENTRYID but not PROP_ACCT_USER_EMAIL_ADDR, while for an SMTP/POP3 account the situation is reversed.

Dev also asked me to call out an issue that had tripped some folks up. The function GetIdentity is supposed to return a string and the length of the string. The returned string should be NULL terminated and the length should include this NULL terminator in the count. We’ll be updating the MSDN to be more explicit about this, in addition to adding the two new properties.

Some more information about the updated sample: If you’ve been looking for a header for the Account Management API, you can grab and use AcctMgmt.h from this sample. It should have everything you need. Please let me know if it doesn’t. Also, intrepid explorers may want to look at the –I option I added to the sample. It iterates through every possible property tag and requests it, printing the results if it finds something.


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