LaunchWizard and Outlook MAPI

I got a bug report this morning that using ProfileLaunch Profile Wizard in MFCMAPI returned MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT in Outlook 2010. Further investigation showed it also failed on Outlook 2007. A quick debug revealed that the function had been rewritten before we shipped Outlook 2007, so that it always returns MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT.

Why was it removed? During the development of Outlook 2007, the function was flagged as having some problems that were going to be costly to resolve. Outlook was no longer dependent on this function, and we weren’t aware of any third party code that used it, so it was decided to gut the function The fact that I didn’t learn that it no longer worked in MFCMAPI until nearly three years later illustrates how little this function is used.

It appears the Exchange implementation of this function is still intact, if it’s something you really want to use. However, for profile creation for MFCMAPI, the best method, which works with both versions of MAPI, is to just Session/Logon and Display Store Table, and hit New.

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  1. Ivan Kozhuharov says:

    Thank you.

    Now, I know that this error is not in me 😉

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