Installing the MAPI Headers

I noticed something about downloading/installing the Outlook 2010 MAPI headers. I use Windows Server 2008 as my development machine, and when I ran the installer, which is really a self extracting zip file, it offered to copy the headers to “C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsOffice14.0Include”. However, when I looked there, the files weren’t there. Instead, after a bit of looking around, I found them here instead:

C:UserssgriffinAppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesMicrosoft SDKsOffice14.0Include

If you’re just looking to get the files, and plan on copying them into your project, I guess this works, but if you want to depend on the path, you have to do a bit of work. What worked for me was to open an administrative command prompt and run the installer from there. When I did that, the headers were copied in to “C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsOffice14.0Include”, as expected.

When I finish working on the Outlook 2010 MAPI samples (coming soon!) they will depend on these MAPI headers being in the proper path. Without these updated headers, these samples will not compile for 64 bit.

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