June Cumulative Update for Office 2007

Since I’ve got a few customers who were waiting on this update I figured I should announce it here. Yesterday we released the June Cumulative Update for Office 2007: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/972632. In there, you’ll find links to update packages for everything in Office 2007. We highlight two:

MAPI Profile Crash: Basically, SP2 caused MAPI to stumble over certain profiles because it didn’t like their names. This update fixes that.

The Big Rollup: This is the mother-load of fixes. In this one, you’ll find fixes for the following issues:

  • EMSMDB32 doesn’t handle PR_STORE_UNICODE_MASK properly
  • Custom forms with code can crash the preview pane
  • Outlook won’t display custom form icons when Windows is in High DPI mode
  • Categories created with the OOM aren’t preserved across restarts

BTW – if you’re looking for a central place to monitor for the latest Cumulative Update, flag this article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/953878. It’s updated with every Cumulative Update release to point at the latest one.


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