Troubleshooting Outlook Crashes

I recently reviewed an excellent article on troubleshooting Outlook crashes which was just published in the Knowledge Base. While I no longer work in Outlook product support directly, in my role as a Developer Support engineer, I see Outlook crashes all the time. This article encapsulates just about everything I or other engineers here would do to narrow down and define an issue before we attach a debugger. Even if you’re already familiar with most of the techniques given in the article, it’s still handy to keep around because it puts everything you need in one place. For instance, it includes:

  • Complete list of everything which changes in Safe Mode
  • An always current pointer to the latest updates for Office
  • Registry keys for disabling add-ins
  • Lists of temp files which are safe to delete
  • Command line parameters

If you support Outlook, I highly recommend keeping this article in your bookmarks.


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