March 2009 Release of MFCMAPI

The March 2009 Release (build is live: Note the new URL – the old one still works.

At the urging of Jason, I’ve added parsing of entry IDs per the protocol docs.

Here's a change list - see the Issue Tracker on Codeplex for more details, or look at the code:


Comments (3)

  1. BTW – the last UST article got pushed to tomorrow – one post per day and the MFCMAPI release trumps UST.

  2. Huzaifa Kagazwala says:

    “Open other user’s Mailbox…” under the MDB menu doesn’t works if I try to open my own mailbox i.e. configured in the profile. The issues is only for users created on Exchange 2007 server .

    The OL profile is configured for Microsoft Exchange server without cache mode set.

    For example I have a profile with user huzaifa kagazwala and I choose to open my own mailbox from the above menu I get error on trying to open the root container.

  3. Huzaifa – Try dropping the OPENSTORE_USE_ADMIN_PRIVILEGE bit.

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