Accelerators in the Web Browser Control

Suppose you want to put the Web Browser control on an Outlook form. You might follow the steps in this article to create a custom form with the Web Browser control embedded on the second page. Suppose then you switch to this page, load a web page in the control, then try to use the keyboard to navigate around. You’ll see that the keyboard shortcuts for selecting (Ctrl+A), copying (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X), and pasting (Ctrl+V) text all fail. In fact, if you try any of them, you get a dialog that says “The operation failed. An object could not be found.”

Well – if you’ve run into this, it’s now been fixed.

Here’s the fix for Outlook 2007, and for the same issue in Outlook 2003. Note that the Outlook 2007 fix just needs to be applied to take effect, but the Outlook 2003 fix requires that you set the NewAccel registry key as documented in the hotfix article.

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