Outlook 2007 – Now With SP2!

Ok- not exactly SP2 itself, but the Outlook Team has announced that the February update that shipped this week includes a number of performance tweaks and fixes that were originally destined for SP2. Notable among these tweaks are a number of improvements to PSTs, and the Fast Shutdown mechanism. I’m working on documentation for developers to take advantage of Fast Shutdown – look for that in this space soon.

Get the update here, and read about what’s in it here. BTW, if you don’t want to install a cumulative update, you can also wait for SP2 to ship, which should be here by April, according to the Office Sustained Engineering Blog. Enjoy!

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  1. From http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=968009 :

    * A reminder cannot be dismissed on a corrupted meeting.

    Is there a way to find out what exactly constitutes a "corrupted meeting" from the Outlook point of view?

    I have a customer who runs into reminders like that on appointments that my code creates, so I need to make sure I do not confuse Outlook.


  2. In this case, it was appointments which were marked as recurring (PidLidRecurring was true), but for which no recurrence blob existed.

  3. Lev says:

    One more blog & it will tie a monthly record 🙂

    Is there a description for the following cases as I’ve seen them in the field but haven’t been able to reproduce:

    1.  When you close an e-mail message, Outlook 2007 crashes.

    2.  Outlook crashes when you create a message view. ( also is it for OL 07 or for both OL 07 )?


  4. Lev says:

    clarification – #2 should state:

    Outlook crashes when you create a message view. ( is it for OL 07 or for both OL 07 & OL 03 )?

  5. 1 – Appeared to occur when saving a message that had been changed externally. Crash was in handling of MAPI_W_OBJECT_CHANGED.

    2 – No real details on this one. We never had a repro on it, but did identify some code that needed some work. After those changes, the bucket was no longer being hit, so we assume those changes (or others) fixed it.

  6. I just wanted to let you know about a problem we’ve found with the February update for Outlook 2007 .

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