MAPI Doc Download

Tired of waiting on the Internet? Ever wish you could study MAPI while you’re sitting on the beach? Well now you can! The Outlook 2007 MAPI Reference has been conveniently repackaged as a downloadable .chm file you can install on your laptop and take with you on the go. Enjoy!

[Edit] The problems with the download have been fixed. I was able to install on the machines where it failed before. Let me know if you still have problems installing it.

Comments (6)

  1. "Is not a valid Win32 application".

    Same error from 3 different machines.

    Looks like the download is corrupted.

  2. It worked when I tested it on a Windows 2008 machine, but failed when I tested it on Windows 7. I’ve reported the issue back to the team that posted it. What OS’s did it fail on for you?

  3. Hai says:

    It also fails for me on Vista Ultimate.

  4. XP 32 bit.

    Was yours a 64 bit machine?

  5. Vista and Windows 2008 64 bit works for me, Win 7 64 bit fails. I don’t think I have a 32 bit machine handy to test on.

  6. Ok – this was a packaging issue. We’ve got a fix here internally and hope to have it live early next week.

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