Can’t CopyTo a PST

We recently had a customer who was copying messages around using CopyTo. They found that for certain messages, if the target message store was a PST, they’d get MAPI_E_NO_ACCESS (0x80070005). They saw this for the same messages every time, when other messages would copy to the same PST just fine. When I debugged the failure,…


PR_SEARCH_KEY and Draft Messages

It used to be that if you wanted to track a message through various Object Model events such as NewInspector and ItemSend, one way to do it was to grab PR_SEARCH_KEY. A customer recently discovered that this doesn’t always work after applying a recent hotfix. Before applying the hotfix, PR_SEARCH_KEY would remain unchanged during the…


MAPI Now Likes Exchange 2010

We just announced a new release of the MAPI Download that’s pretty much mandatory if you want to work with Exchange 2010. You’ll also need to get and apply Rollup 1 (RU1) for Exchange 2010. Details about the MAPI Download: The first version of the MAPI download which is compatible with Exchange 2010 is 6.5.8147…


Outlook 2010 And Bitness

Angela’s put together a good set of guidelines for developing for Outlook 2010, particularly as it relates to whether your code is built for 32 bit or 64 bit (what we’re calling Bitness). To summarize, all MAPI or Outlook Object Model based apps and non-managed add-ins will need to be built in both 32 and…


November 2009 Release of MFCMAPI

The November 2009 Release (build is live: The September 2009 release was downloaded over 18 thousand times, with nearly 1700 of them being the 64 bit build. This exceeded the July build by about 4000 downloads. Yay MFCMAPI! Mostly bug fixes this time around. Win 7 finally made me dig into why Close…


Where CDO Publishes Free Busy Information

From time to time, I get asked to explain where CDO publishes Free Busy information in the Public Folder store, so I figured I’d put this article together. The basic process CDO uses for updating FB information is outlined in the More Information section of KB 278954. We’re concerned with the part of the process…


Strange Looking NDR

Not many people are aware of the feature, but MFCMAPI implements a MAPI Form Viewer. This means MFCMAPI can use MAPI to ask Outlook to display messages. You might have run into this if you ever double-click on a message in MFCMAPI. If you’re on a machine with Outlook installed, the message will open up…


Announcing EWSEditor 1.5!

Matt’s very excited about the release of EWSEditor. This tool does for EWS what MFCMAPI does for MAPI. With this tool, Matt does what I did with MFCMAPI and what I recommend to anyone trying to learn a new API: the best way to learn an API is to write tools that use it. As…


Inside the PST

As Paul Thurrott notes, we just announced that we’re documenting the PST file structure. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be writing a standalone parser/viewer/validator, but I’m sure I’ll be adding some interesting stuff to MFCMAPI. I’ll let you know when I know more.


Exchange MAPI Download Version 6.5.8131.0

Just had someone ask me what changed in this version compared to the last build. Most of the changes were tweaks to various timezones, such as the addition of a timezone for Yakutsk, my favorite Risk territory. Additionally, we fixed a problem with ITnef::AddProps. You’d only need to worry about the TNEF change if you’re…