October 2008 Release of MFCMAPI

The October 2008 Release (build is live: http://www.codeplex.com/MFCMAPI

Better late than never right? I've been trying to refresh MFCMAPI every two months, but wasn't able to devote the time to it I would have liked with all the work I'm doing on the MAPI documentation refresh. I did need to get this release out the door though since the MAPI docs will be depending on it. This release is all about cleaning up the code. It's been a long time since I went through the whole project and got all nitpicky about comments and whitespace. 🙂

Which is not to say I didn't get some nice bug fixes and features added. Here's a partial change list - see the Issue Tracker on Codeplex for more details, or look at the code:

  • Square boxes in list controls: Smart View really exposed this one - carriage returns in the parsed data were showing as boxes in the lists. So now they're scrubbed out, making Smart View easier to read
  • PR_BODY looks empty: When displaying an edit dialog for PR_BODY, there is some strangeness that caused the text to be highlighted and the control scrolled all the way to the end. This made it look like the body was missing! I fixed it so nothing's highlighted and the cursor's at the beginning.
  • PR_ENTRYID: Smart View parses entry ID structures now!
  • Dead code removal, refactoring, and general cleanup: The bulk of the changes are focused here. The code should be much easier to read now, especially now that class data visibility is strictly enforced.


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