Pre Vista Fix MAPI Download No Longer Available

This is a follow up to Pre Vista Fix MAPI Download Still Available. As promised, we kept the old pre-Vista fix up until August 15th, then we took it down. I didn't note this earlier because:

  1. I was at the beach and beach trumps blog.
  2. There was an error in taking down the pre-Vista fix and I was waiting to get it corrected before posting.

The error was that in addition to taking down the pre-Vista fix, we also broke the link between the original MAPI download article and the actual download. I just got word and confirmed this has been fixed. So here's what we have (current as of August 28th...):

  • The Vista fix: Has just ExchangeMapiCdo.exe, version 8039.0. This is the Vista fix which uses the stub library.
  • The Vista fix (other page): Has the same ExchangeMapiCdo.exe as the other page, and the scary note that the page will be taken down on August 15th.
  • We kept both pages active to not break any links. Both pages link to the same file. If you're want a "permanent" link, use the first one, the one without the scary note.

    BTW - for those interested, build 8039 is a set of timezone/dst fixes for CDO.dll on top of the previous 8022 build. I don't think anything in MAPI itself changed.

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