Managing The Outlook Account Management Dialogs

[This is now documented here:]

We've decided to document another function in the Account Management API, DisplayAccountList. This function allows you to display the Account Settings dialog:

Account Settings

and Add New E-Mail Account property sheet:

Add New E-mail Account

DisplayAccountList hangs off of IOlkAccountManager interface, occupying the second slot in the v-table, like so:

interface IOlkAccountManager : IOlkErrorUnknown
	//Init Initializes the account manager for use. 
	virtual STDMETHODIMP Init(IOlkAccountHelper* pAcctHelper, DWORD dwFlags);
	//DisplayAccountList Displays the account list wizard
	virtual STDMETHODIMP DisplayAccountList(
		HWND hwnd,
		DWORD dwFlags,
		LPCWSTR lpwszReserved, // Not used
		DWORD dwReserved, // Not used
		const CLSID * pclsidReserved1, // Not used
		const CLSID * pclsidReserved2); // Not used

I'm working on a little sample to demonstrate the Account Manager API that I hope to post soon. It'll have an updated header. In the meantime, here's my attempt at MSDN style documentation for the function:


Initializes the account manager for use.

Quick Info

See IOlkAccountManager.

HRESULT IOlkAccountManager::DisplayAccountList ( 
	HWND hwnd,
	DWORD dwFlags,
	LPCWSTR lpwszReserved,
	DWORD dwReserved,
	const CLSID * pclsidReserved1,
	const CLSID * pclsidReserved2



[in] Handle to the window to which the displayed dialog box is modal. This parameter can be zero.


[in] Flags to modify behavior.
Do not display the warning that changes will not take effect until Outlook is restarted. Only applies if running in process with Outlook.exe.
Show the Account Settings dialog with the Data tab selected. Only valid if ACCTUI_SHOW_ACCTWIZARD is not set.
Display the Add New E-Mail Account wizard.


[in] Not used. Should be NULL.


[in] Not used. Must be NULL.


[in] Not used. Must be NULL.


[in] Not used. Must be NULL.

Return Values


The call was successful.


The account manager has not been initialized for use.


dwReserved, pclsidReserved1 or pclsidReserved2 were non-NULL.


The account dialog class could not be created.


The Account Settings dialog box returned an error.


The Add New E-Mail property sheet returned an error.


The client calls IOlkAccountManager::DisplayAccountList to display either the Account Settings dialog or the Add New E-mail property sheet. The parameters dwReserved, pclsidReserved1 and pclsidReserved2 are not used at this time and MUST be NULL. The parameter lpwszReserved is not used and SHOULD be NULL.


#define E_ACCT_UI_BUSY 0x800C8102
#define ACCTUI_NO_WARNING      0x0100
#define ACCTUI_SHOW_DATA_TAB   0x0200

BTW - Hey look! Pictures! Woo hoo!

7/3/08 - Update: Added ACCTUI_SHOW_DATA_TAB flag.
Comments (12)

  1. Steve,

    Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a method to add an account without displaying any UI? Am I pushing it? 🙂

    Looking at the values of the documented flags (dwFlags), I have a feeling there are at least a dozen other flags.

    Do you really want people to try to figure them out and then blame MS when things start failing? 🙂

  2. There are around 8 other flags in the headers. Not a single one of them, as best as I could tell, is used. The two I documented are the only ones I see our code looking for. Same with the unused parameters. Three of them are explicitely checked to ensure they’re null, and the fourth is completely ignored. For now anyway. 🙂

  3. <sigh> I was hoping that the lpwszReserved parameter would let me pass an account stamp and see a particular account properties dialog…

  4. I think it may have been so you could pass a title for the dialog – but it was never used.

  5. But I bet there is something to display the Accounts dialog with a particular tab selected.

    This is used in a few places in Outlook, is it not?

  6. You’re right – there’s a flag to set the Data tab. I made a mistake in my test code and thought it wasn’t honored, so I didn’t include it. I’ve added it in. I also went through the whole code path – I don’t think there’s any other flags you can pass. The flags documented are the only ones Outlook ever uses.

    When Outlook displays account setting dialogs with a different tab selected, it’s not using this function.

  7. I was hoping I could pass a GUID (e.g. CSLID_OlkStore) in the pclsidReserved1 parameter, but I’ll take whatever I can 🙂

    Thanks Steve!

  8. Any non-null value there will get you MAPI_E_INVALID_PARAMETER. I know you’re capable of loading this in the debugger and confirming. 🙂

  9. That’s what I did and all values gave me that error 🙂

    Just a sidenote: these flags apply only to Outlook 2007.

    2002/2003 always display the same dialog no matter what the flags are.

  10. No flags work in 2002. ACCTUI_NO_WARNING works in 2003. The documentation (and support) only targets 2007.

  11. Lev says:

    Are we any closer to docs on how to set passwords for SMTP/POP servers programmatically ( for an Internet-mail account )?  ( This is related to Dmitry’s question about configuring an account without UI ).


  12. Don’t think so – I’ve not been looking at that.

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