Fixed the Wrapped PST Sample

When I announced the Outlook 2007 Auxiliary Reference, I noted there were a few issues with the wrapped PST sample that I hadn't had time to fix. Well, they're fixed now. You can find the updated download here:

It should say Nov07 for version. If it says Oct07, then the new version hasn't propagated to all the servers yet. It should update soon.

BTW - while I was working on the last MFCMAPI update, I found a number of minor problems in the Auxiliary reference. They're not worth detailing here, but they've all been corrected internally and should be fixed when we do our next refresh. Let me know if you spot any problems in the reference and I'll do what I can to get them addressed.

Comments (2)

  1. The January ’08 refresh for the Outlook 2007 Auxiliary Reference is now live. In addition to a general

  2. Griff James says:

    I have noticed a problem with the replication API. If you are in the LR_SYNC_DOWNLOAD_TABLE state, the DNTBL structure provides a pointer to an IExchangeImportContentsChanges interface.

    Calling IExchangeImportContentsChanges::ImportMessageMove() returns MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT, so it is not possible to import a message move.

    How should message moves be imported?

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