November 2007 Release Of MFCMAPI

The November 2007 Release (build is live:

Here's the change list:

  • Support for ComputeStoreHash and EncodeID, functions used in MAPI URLs
  • Ability to save MSG files to Unicode
  • Potential crash in OpenProfileSection (thanks to Thomas for pointing that out!)
  • Various new props and constants from the Outlook 2007 Auxilliary reference -

I also worked a bit on the front page of the Codeplex site as I had more than one person who went there to get the latest build and ended up with an old build from the MS Download site. It should be bit clearer where the latest build is now.

I haven't forgotten about that list of diffs from earlier builds I spoke about last time. I've just been busy with shipping the auxilliary reference and my transition from CPR back to Developer Support. Oh yeah - that reminds me - I don't work in CPR anymore. I'm still an Escalation Engineer, but a couple months ago I moved back to Developer Support to be closer to the dev type issues.

Comments (1)

  1. When I announced the Outlook 2007 Auxiliary Reference , I noted there were a few issues with the wrapped

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