Announcing: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Auxiliary Reference

Excellent news! We just published the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Auxiliary Reference:

(This is a greatly enhanced version of the earlier Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Integration API)

This reference was a huge collaborative effort, of which I was only a small part. Parts of this reference are based on my blog entries, but large sections of it were written by others. For instance, we have a new sample address book provider, written by Xiaoming Yin. And this reference wouldn't have happened at all without the tireless efforts of Angela Chu-Hatoun and Allison Bokone, who had the jobs of taking all this information from disparate sources and hammering on it until we had something we could publish. And then there were the PMs and developers who contributed, too many to name here. It was a race to the finish. The last topic added was actually written yesterday morning!

I wanted to point out a couple things that we know we didn't have time to finish:

I'll post when these issues are corrected.

As we did with the Integration API before, we'll be using my blog to post any errata. You can contact me directly or through comments if you discover any problems with the reference. Enjoy!

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  1. When I announced the Outlook 2007 Auxiliary Reference , I noted there were a few issues with the wrapped

  2. Juan Porta says:

    Following these docs I’ve implemented a Free/Busy provider for my own kind of addresses type (the addresses themselves are in fact SMTP, but I use my own AddressType). It works great! But if I put my F/B provider to resolve F/B information for SMTP address types OL2003 crashes after closing the meeting inspector.

    In the docs a statement says something like "this only applies to OL2007 and OL2003 SP1" and I’m using OL2003 SP3. Are they really different? Do I have to change something to make it work with SP3?


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