MFCMAPI Source is Live

I said I'd do it, and now I did it. Introducing the MFCMAPI project on CodePlex:

Please download the source and inundate me with comments, bugs, and feature requests. There's an issue tracker tab on the CodePlex site that we can use to track bugs, as well as a discussions tab for, well, um, discussions.

Note that while I'm the only developer on the project, anyone can write an add-in now. I tried to make the add-in model as simple as possible. See the wiki page for a header file, a sample add-in, and docs. Lemme know what kinds of add-ins you dream up.

I want to thank everyone for being patient while I worked out the details of getting this source published. I hope you find the source instructive.

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  1. Eriq VanBibber says:

    Is the codeplex portal down?  Cannot connect to it.

    I think i have found a bug in the mapi editor…

    If i create a forward rule, with 2 or more recipients, the mapi editor crashes hard when trying to render the Rules Table.

    If i remove addresses leaving only one address, all is ok.



  2. The portal looks up to me. That bug you’re reporting is fixed in the codeplex source.

  3. Eriq VanBibber says:

    I guess the rebooted or something, was only down for like 5 mins or so…

    Was getting some errors.

    Thanks for the info about the bug…

  4. As promised, though a bit late, here are the change lists I put together for a couple of versions of

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