New MAPI Goodness

Updates to the downloads of CDO and MAPI/CDO are now available. Here are the links:

CDO 1.21: (download of CDO for use with Outlook 2007)

MAPI/CDO download: (standalone package of MAPI and CDO for use on Exchange 2007 servers and other machines that don’t already have MAPI)


And some details on the updates:

CDO 1.21:

  • Fixed installer not to install with any version of Outlook prior to Outlook 2007
  • Many, MANY timezone fixes, including support for the upcoming 2007 DST changes here in the States
  • Fixed a heap corruption issue

MAPI/CDO download:

  • Improved support for public folder free Exchange 2007 environments (I have a blog coming on this).
  • Registry keys that indicate MAPI is installed weren’t being set properly.
  • Since this ships the same version of CDO.dll as the CDO download, it includes those fixes as well.


Version Numbers:

Both packages include version 6.5.7888.0 of their respective binaries.

As usual, any feedback you have on these is appreciated. I’ll pass it over to the appropriate devs.

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