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Update – Get MFCMAPI source here:

I've gotten some great feedback on the release of MAPI Editor yesterday. (Aside - I still can't get used to calling it that - it'll always be MFCMAPI to me.) I want to thank everyone who wrote me with congratulations.

There's one thing that I've been asked more than anything else. Will the source be made available?

Part of making this an official utility involved giving up direct ownership of the code to the product group. So while I'm still "the guy" when it comes to working on the code, they're the ones who will decide if we can release the source. I chose to simplify the process of getting this release by not asking that we include the source.

However, I do think the source *should* be available as a resource to the developer community. I think I will be able to make a great case for that here with the folks who have to give their blessing. My case will be even stronger if I can show them that there's a demand out there. So please keep the comments coming. Thanks!

BTW - I've made the offer elsewhere - until the source does become available, if you have any questions about how I implemented something, just ask and I'll try to help out.

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  1. My good friend Steve Griffin has been hard at work updating MFCMAPI to now be worthy of a bland PR branding…

  2. baryon says:

    Very Good Job. waiting…..

  3. Russell Mangel says:

    I would like to see the source code for MAPI Editor available.

    Russell Mangel


  4. John says:

    I’d like to see the source for MAPI Editor available.

  5. Andrew Barnert says:

    Yes, whoever be the relevant powers that be, please let Steve give us the source.

    The source to MFCMAPI has been one of the most useful resources available as a MAPI developer over the years (and moreso all the time, as MSDN hasn’t documented the updated Exchange APIs, Inside MAPI’s age and unstated assumptions have started to show, etc.).

    Unless Microsoft is planning to go through and bring all the MAPI (and EDK) documentation up to the usual MSDN standards, provide useful sample code, etc. (which seems incredibly unlikely), please give us the MAPI Editor source. (And yes, it does feel weird to call it that.)

  6. Andrew Barnert says:

    Also, it would be nice to have a license that allows us to make our own modified builds for local use. (For example, if your product has four new GUIDs for named props, it would be nice to have their names show up along with the "documented" ones. And similarly for named prop names, flags, etc.)

  7. I said I’d do it , and now I did it. Introducing the MFCMAPI project on CodePlex:

  8. As promised, though a bit late, here are the change lists I put together for a couple of versions of

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