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Since I posted some preview documentation for Outlook 2007 I've gotten some questions about support for the beta. We are handling beta support through the newsgroups. The newsgroup for Outlook issues is Microsoft.public.outlook. Our MVPs provide peer support for issues posted there and even file bugs when needed.

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  1. Christopher GDS says:

    Stephen, I don’t know if you can help …but… Beta Excel 2007.  I cannot get the "Text to Column" function to work properly.  By properly I mean as it did in Non Beta form.  Seems the "fixed width" automatically places in 2 dividers and you cannot "double click" or "click and move" these  out.  Is there a patch? Or ?



  2. Ok – so the reason I posted that people should use the newsgroups is so I *wouldn’t* be asked questions about the beta. Guess that point wasn’t clear. 🙂 There are newsgroups for every Office product, so you should be able to find a place for your Excel question.

  3. Qbutt says:

    Office 2007 has some great improvements and being a fan off microsoft products i would like to make a suggestion on the office 2007 beta 2 .

    And that is on the Outlook ,Security being the primary goals off top software developers and indeed microsoft taking its own heights in the matter.

    However there is always room for improvement and on this instance i believe microsoft is missing a very basic and a demanding feature in outlook and that is password protect i.e logging into the application with user name and password on a standlone machine.

    I and most of microsoft users would like to see this basic function added to the final release.

  4. Please direct feature requests at the newsgroups. Thank you.

  5. Barney Wolfson says:

    All I want to know is how do you tell Office products where to find my clipart?

  6. doctorofcopy says:

    error message msncon.32.dll was turned off and I can’t seem to find a way to fix it

  7. Alex says:

    Stephen, is there any documentation about resolving the problem of Outlook add-ins (for old versions) competibility with Outlook 2007?


  8. Again – please post your questions about the beta to the newsgroups. That said – I’m not aware of the problem you’re talking about.

  9. dan churchill says:

    Does anyone have information about 2007 Outlook and why when sending and receiving mail, the program freezes?

  10. Jim Miller says:

    2007 Office Beta.  I can not open any office documents with my 2007 MS Office software.  I have revisit the control panel and clicked change and repair.  Still no luck.  Can someone help me. I can not open 2003 or 2007 files in any Office application.

  11. Jim Miller says:

    In interest of repairing my Office 2007,  should I re-download the software and re-install?

  12. charlie chambers says:

    Jim Miller, I am sharing the same problem as you are…. If anybody could help us!

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