Lego Star Wars II: Rudolph the Red Nose Jedi

Ok – fine. I admit it. I’m a Lego and Star Wars geek. So it’s no surprise I love this game. That’s why, when I heard there was a cheat to make a Santa Claus figure(, I rushed to try it out. Something about the cheat bugged me though. After you input the TYH319 beard…


Exchange Web Services and MAPI Props

Merry Christmas! With Exchange 12 (whoops! Exchange 2007) just around the corner, we’re starting to get questions about Exchange Web Services. I just helped a customer with a sample illustrating the use of AdditionalProperties to fetch arbitrary MAPI properties from folders and messages. I figured I should clean up the sample and share it with…


Preview Handlers in Outlook 2007

I figure it won’t be long before folks are asking me how to do this. Stephen Toub put up a great article in the MSDN that shows how: He even has a followup post on handling associations for viewers: For another example of how cool these viewers can be, Tim Heuer put together…


Outlook 2007 Timezone Structures

[This is now documented here:, among other articles ] Topic Properties used by Outlook 2007 to maintain timezone information on appointments. Timezones Historically Outlook has maintained a property, dispidTimeZoneStruct, on recurring appointments which describes the time zone in which the appointment was created. The problem with this system is that it ignores the possibility that…


MAPI Editor Options

I thought it’d be interesting to document the registry values that MAPI Editor uses. Most of them are exposed in the UI through Options/Other. All of these registry keys are stored under the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftMFCMAPI. If a registry value is not found, the default is assumed. True/false values are stored with the usual convention…


Folders Don’t Do Named Props

A fellow engineer recently asked me how to set custom properties on a folder object in a PST. I reminded him that folders in the PST provider don’t support named properties. He was surprised to hear this. I was surprised to learn that this hadn’t actually been documented before. (If anyone can produce a link…


The Intentional Memory Leak

So – there’s a memory leak in Outlook’s implementation of MAPI. That shouldn’t be too much of a shock. Just about any sizable application is bound to have a leak or two. What’s interesting about this leak is that it is intentional. A little history: We first shipped Simple MAPI back in MS Mail, circa…


Managing Entry IDs in the Wrapped PST

Update – this is now part of the Outlook MAPI Code Samples. [This is now documented here:,] Sam Khavari of Zimbra asked me if I had noticed that the Wrapped PST sample crashes when you turn on the preview pane. After a bit of wrangling over the repro, we found that it will…


Building MFCMAPI With Visual Studio 6

Update – Get the latest MFCMAPI build and source (which should build with VS6) at I’m still working on getting the MAPI Editor source public. In the meantime, one of my colleagues informed me that the MFCMAPI source ( doesn’t build with Visual Studio 6 anymore. This was quite surprising since I build it…


Comment Spam

Just so everyone knows, I’ve gotten a lot of comments lately that are either totally disgusting or just product advertisements. So I’ve turned comment moderation back on and will delete any such comments whenever I find them. I’ll do my best to make sure legitimate comments gets posted in a timely fashion.