New Outlook Documentation Part 5 – One-Off Forms

[This is now documented here:] This should help dealing with scenarios in Outlook that cause forms to become one-offed. Topic How to remove one-off form attributes from a message which has unexpectedly been “one-offed”. One-Off Forms A message which has been “one-offed” is one where a custom form definition has been saved with the…


New Outlook Documentation Part 4 – IMAP Headers

[This is now documented here:] [This information also published as] Just like Cached mode has a way of accessing items in the OST without triggering a download, our IMAP provider has a mechanism for accessing items in the PST without triggering the download. In an ideal world, they’d both use the same mechanism,…


New Outlook Documentation Part 3 – Detecting Header Items

[This is now documented here:] [This information was also published as] This one jumped ahead in the line because Oliver Seaman was asking me about detecting which items are headers. Next post should be about dealing with IMAP header messages. Topic A property to identify items in header only state dispidHeaderItem Both Cached…


Your Proxy Server Doesn’t Like My Samples

It has come to my attention that the site I was using to store my code samples, poses a problem for some users due to the underscore. Apparently some proxy server have problems handling sites with underscores. Sounds like a bug in the proxy server to me, but still I want people to be…


Offline State Sample

There have been questions lately on the MAPI mailing list about how to get the connection state API working. Particularly the HrOpenOfflineObj and Advise calls. Since I had a partial sample already sitting here I figured I whip it into shape and publish it. I’ll refer most questions of implementation to the sample code itself….


New Outlook Documentation Part 2 – Cached Mode Headers

[This is now documented here:] Using the Appropriate Interface to Manage Messages in an OST in Cached Exchange Mode INTRODUCTION The following article provides information when using Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects (CDO)and how to manage messages in an Offline Store (OST) while the client is in Cached Exchange mode. MORE INFORMATION When in cached…


New Outlook Documentation Part 1 – Contact Linking

[This is now documented here:,,] This information was also published as Recently the Outlook development team has agreed to document some bits and pieces about Outlook that we’ve never documented before. I’ve been charged with getting this documentation out to the development community. After publishing the information here, my next step…


Outlook 2003 Integration API Wrapped PST Docs and Sample

[This is now documented here:] [This sample is now part of the Outlook MAPI Code Samples!] In the Outlook 2003 Integration API, we documented the Replication API. This is a nifty API for implementing replication between a wrapped PST and your own custom back end, which should be a great way to simplify implementation…


Outlook 2003 Integration API April 2005 Update

We just released the April 2005 update to the Outlook 2003 Integration API. Download for the CHM is here: The MSDN documentation should update some time in the next few days. When it does, you’ll find it here: Note that the date on the Welcome page will be updated from December 2004 to…


MAPI and Impersonation

There is an article which you used to be able to find at This article, which I helped to write, walked you through the mechanics of impersonating a user before using MAPI. I pulled this article recently and just wanted to discuss briefly why. There are three main problems with doing impersonation and then…