During Project Recovery don’t expect to educate anyone

Let me propose the 1st Law of Project recovery; Projects are recovered by doing things well, not teaching anyone how to do things.

I am a full time consultant.  As a matter of fact I can claim to be a professional consult given that I am paid to consult.  As a professional I understand the primary job of a consultant isn't doing anything.  In large part it isn't producing or delivering anything either.  No, as a professional consultant the most important thing I can do for my clients is educate.  Transferring my knowledge and experience to them so that they will not only overcome any problem at hand, but will actually be self sufficient in the future.  It's a laudable goal and one I have enjoyed achieving from time to time.

Given that definition, Project Recovery isn't consulting.  It is in many ways the polar opposite.  When recovering a failing project I must produce and deliver the solution they have failed to achieve.  More importantly I must not educate. 

  • Education takes time, Recovery rarely has time
  • Education requires practice, Recovery requires accurate execution the first time
  • Education involves gaining knowledge, Recovery requires applying knowledge
  • Education presents options and choices, Recovery demands choosing from options
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