How Microsoft Does Development

If you’ve been following us for a couple years, this is probably a talk you’ve seen before from Brian Harry, Jeff Beehler, Joe Schwetz or any one of several other people here in Team Foundation Server.

I was asked this morning for the deck from this year’s TechEd EMEA. I thought I’d post it here online in case you find the slides useful.

Here is the link to the TechEd EMEA 2009 slides: How Microsoft Does Development.



Comments (4)

  1. Alex says:

    >>>> Here is the link to the TechEd EMEA 2009 slides

    this link is blocked by corporate web-sites

  2. e-mre says:


    Is there a chance we can watch this session?

    (Please don’t say, it asks for subscription)

  3. StephanieSaad says:

    Hi Alex, I’m sorry to hear that about the link – it’s posted to SkyDrive, so that should be accessible. If you want to email me personally I’m happy to send out the slides. it’s



  4. StephanieSaad says:

    Hi e-mre, I don’t have a recording myself. What I could do if there’s enough interest is record a separate version of the session and post it to the web. Let me know if that would help, I’m happy to do that.



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