New Overview for all TFS Migration / Integration Tools

I assume most of our major enterprise customers are not all-Microsoft shops and/or are not running all-MS tools. Our goal is to make developers successful with the very best tools, not to lock them all to our tools. (Of course I want our tools to be the very best, :)  but it’s important to meet customers where they are and give them flexibility.) Most large enterprise customers ask, “can I get some help migrating my existing tool X to TFS?” Another very common one is “I have another branch/department/… using another tool – is there a good way we can work together?


Matt Mitrik and Bill Essary yesterday helped publish a new page on MSDN summarizing all of the tools and service offerings for TFS Migration and Integration. This page is available on the Team System Home page, the TFS home page, and the Team System Downloads page. You can also find more information on Matt’s blog here: New Migration and Integration Solutions Page on MSDN.

Thanks Matt for the helpful information!


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