How We Use TFS at Microsoft – Additional Decks from PDC and TechEd EMEA

I’m just catching up on a few things from the Heathrow Airport. It seems there was alot of demand for decks on this subject. I promised audiences to post copies of the decks for additional events this fall. Please hop right on your delete key and delete this if you don’t need yet another deck on this subject. =)

For those of you who specifically requested the decks, I’ve posted information below. Because these audiences have different interests, the talks covered slightly different material. I’ve posted outlines for each so you can find the right deck to fit your needs.

TechEd EMEA: “Team Foundation Server: Lessons Learned Through Dogfooding”

Link to deck: [ Team Foundation Server: Lessons Learned Through Dogfooding ]

Goal of talk: specific and detailed data on best practices used by the major internal dogfooding teams: Developer Division, Windows, Office, MSIT

Agenda Slide:

    Cool Facts about Microsoft Development
    Getting started on a release
       Gathering Requirements
       Driving Quality
       Branching in Large Teams
    Tracking and Reporting
       Trustworthy Transparency
       Top Tracking Metrics - MSIT
       Top Tracking Metrics - Developer Division
    Migration and Interoperability


PDC: “Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Server: How We Use It at Microsoft”

Link to deck: [ Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Server: How We Use It at Microsoft ]

Link to video: [ Video recording in WMV ]  [ Link to PDC session site for other formats ]

Goal of talk: overview of internal usage best practices, focused on how internal usage has influenced the VS 2010 feature set  (heavily demo focused)

Agenda Slide: Problems to Solve:

    Trustworthy Transparency
    Planning and Tracking
    Driving Quality during Development
    Branching in Monster Teams
    Legacy Interop



Errata (or “Can You Find the Math Error in This Deck?”)

I have found two errors since these were given. I sincerely apologize! I wanted to be transparent here as I know the TFS community is a very active and engaged one. I have already corrected all the decks on the download links.

  • Developer Division # of Source Files is 17,503,713, not 373,328, 986. If you look closely at the slides, you’ll notice that I reported there are more source files in DevDiv than the total for the company. =) Noone actually caught this error, but I found it myself while preparing for another version of the talk at TechEd EMEA. I’m not sure how this one worked its way in. Unfortunately, we added a funny slide that says, the # of source files would wrap the earth 2.6 times! They would certainly wrap Developer Division 2.6 times, but we don’t have that many! I have confirmed all the other data on the slides, including the 7 Terabytes of data for the DevDiv server.


  • The reason TFS invested in a second HP Quality Center Connector for TFS is because we had already begun development on the internal version when the Juvender 3rd-party version was released. At PDC I was asked why there are planned to be two versions of this connector. My original answer – due to customer demand for an MS version – was corrected by the team. As I said at PDC, the newly announced MS version is currently in pre-release. Contact if you would like to submit your name for inclusion in the pre-release.



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  1. Krip says:

    On your hyperlink to the dogfooding slidedeck, you’re missing the "h" in "http".


  2. StephanieSaad says:

    Thanks! I just fixed that.

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