How Microsoft Does Development (with VSTS)

This morning I am in Las Vegas giving one of the keynotes for VSLive! The conference organizers thought it would be really cool to talk about how Microsoft does development with VSTS.

I get a ton of questions about this and I also know I like to pick up decks and demos from some talks, so I posted both the deck and the demos from this morning.

Diana Kumar, who actually manages a big chunk of our internal deployments, did all the live demos. Several were off our production servers - so, since we can't give you the source 🙂 she built you guys some really cool Camtasia recordings with voice overs so you can follow along.

Deck: How Microsoft Does Development with VSTS

Demo 1: Shutting down the VS 2008 Release + New 2010 Reports

Demo 2: Agile Planning/Tracking and Excel Reporting in VSTS 2010


The talk covers both development in the product teams and also our own IT department. We covered a bunch of topics:

  • Requirements Traceability in MSIT
  • Top Metrics that MSIT tracks
  • Trustworthy Transparency – allowing teams to innovate w/o losing central control
  • Branching Strategies
  • Driving Quality: Builds
  • Driving Quality/Predictability: Development Process


Here’s a couple of thumbnails of the real reports from shutting down VS 2008 that Diana showed in her demos:



Hope the deck and demos are useful.



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  1. Alex Odintsov says:


    very interesting information.

  2. Part of my job is evangelizing Team Foundation Server adoption within Microsoft. A colleague recently

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