Starting this blog…

After more than ten years of experience as Microsoft Services consultant, I have finally decided to start posting in this blog my "notes and thoughts" about the software technologies I work with.

 Why didn't I blogged until now?

  • Because I felt that, in my work, I rarely go deep inside in a single aspect, giving priority to the rapidly evolving needs of my engagements ( is there a sense to write about something I know just partially or, let me say... probably as much as I need?)

  • Because I felt that, in my work, I often do a mash-up of information taken from other's blogs (please, dont't read this sentence as a candid declaration of egoism...! I just want to say that most of my thechnical knowledge is already described on the Internet... Well: quite normal, as I am not a researcher...!)

  • Because I felt that I had no time to extrapolate a "universal sense" from my everyday experiences

  • Because... I had no ADSL connection at home!

So, why do I decided to start blogging today?

  • Because... finally I have an ADSL connection at home 🙂

Seriously speaking, I think that my everyday "discoveries and experiences" in my consultant's engagements are worth to be described. The challenge is to find the time to do it in a somehow useful way, specially without stealing to much time to my family...

Can this be done? I'll try...

 PS: this is my one chance to ask you fogiveness for my terrific english; it's maybe a good example of what - in Italy - we call "makeronic inglish" :-).

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