[WCF]A good thread that explaining the "MaxItemsInObjectGraph" property of DataContractSerializer

There always come many good and useful threads in the MSDN development forums. Here is a very good thread in which Carlos Figueira clearly illustrated what and how does the “MaxItemsInObjectGraph” setting does on the WCF DataContractSerializer. #What is counted as an item in WCF ObjectGraph for DataContractSerializer?http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/wcf/thread/12e09a40-df41-4bf7-8462-c40df68af3d5


[ASPNET]Articles explain the difference between app.config for .NET exe and dll

I’ve seen many guys confused about the .NET app.config file for the exe application and the dll assembly(we can see Visual Studio generate app.config file for both of exe and dll project). Here is a good article discussing on this:  #App.config in C# with VS2005 – Part II: DLL within an EXEhttp://juststuffreally.blogspot.com/2008/02/appconfig-in-c-with-vs2005-part-ii-dll.html


How to disable web.config Inheritance for Child Applications in Subfolders in ASP.NET

Just found a useful FAQ about exclude some httpmodule inheritance in ASP.NET web application(from parent ASP.NET application). It demonstrate two approaches:  1. Modify the parent web.config file to disable child app inheritance(element based)  2. Explicitlly remove certain httpmodule in child web app web.config file. #How to disable web.config Inheritance for Child Applications in Subfolders in…