[WSS]Use RPC protocol to access WSS v3 site

[WSS]Use RPC protocol to access WSS v3 site     The SharePoint Web Services Application Programming Interface (API) offers an extensive interface that helps to communicate remotely with SharePoint 2007. However, this SharePoint Web Services layer is not the only way to communicate remotely with SharePoint 2007. You can also use FrontPage or SharePoint RPC…


[WSS]WSS V3 Custom WebPart Features Gothrough

[WSS]WSS V3 Custom WebPart Features Gothrough   Windows Sharepoint Service V3 is built upon ASP.NET 2.0 which makes its development and customization more powerful and flexible. There are also many new cool features for webpart development. I’ll use a single custom webpart to demonstrate some of the custom webpart development features(some are ASP.NET specific and…


[WCF]How to supply dedicated credentials for webproxy authentication in WCF client

[WCF]How to supply dedicated credentials for webproxy authentication in WCF client   I’ve found several issue request on how to supply credentials for webproxy(intermediate proxy server) authentication in client application which consumes WCF service. When performing some remote network accessing such as WebRequest call, Webservice call or WCF call, it’s common that the client will…


[WCF]Some good reference about WCF Extensibility

Windows Communication Foundation provides a unified platform for developing distributed and interoperable services on windows system. Its architecture is also quite flexible and support very powerful extensibility. For guys who’re interested in building custom extension component for WCF service/client, here are some useful resources.   After basic understanding on WCF, the following whitepaper(also attached here for…


A good article about using VSTS performance/profiling tools to troubleshoot ASP.NET performance issue

Here is a very good ariticle about using performance/profiling tools in Visual Studio Team Suite to troubleshoot ASP.NET performance issue. Tess has described all the steps in this blog article:  Using VSTS Test and Profilers to troubleshoot performance issues (low cpu hang) http://blogs.msdn.com/tess/archive/2008/10/01/using-visual-studio-team-system-test-and-profilers-to-troubleshoot-performance-issues-part-1.aspx


[WSS]Quick reference of WSS 3.0 asmx webservices

Here is a list of WSS 3.0 asmx webservices, just for your quick reference. Web Service Methods Admin Web Servicehttp://<AdminSite>/_vti_adm/Admin.asmxProvides methods for managing a deployment of Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, such as for creating or deleting site collections. CreateSiteDeleteSiteGetLanguagesRefreshConfigCache Alertshttp://<Site>/_vti_bin/Alerts.asmxProvides methods for working with alerts for list items in a SharePoint site. DeleteAlertsGetAlerts Authenticationhttp://<Site>/_vti_bin/Authentication.asmx LoginMode…


[ASP.NET]Use LINQ to XML to construct XML document from database records

LINQ to XML provides us powerful component to manipulate XML data in .NET application. One common issue in ASP.NET application is retriving some data records from database and expose them to client user in XML format. Before LINQ is available, we need to loop through each data records via ADO.NET api and then use System.Xml…