[ForumMobile]Glad to introduce the Microsoft Forums mobile service

Really glad to introduce this Microsoft Forums mobile service to you. If you are developers of IT Professionals who often access Microsoft online forums like MSDN, TechNet and Office 365, you can now make the access on your palms through your smart mobile phones.

Surely, this Mobile service is still far from full-fleged and powerful as it supports readonly to the forums content. However, we will try out best to keep moving and make it better and better. Meanwhile, if you have any good ideas for improving this, please feel free to tell us.


Comments (6)

  1. alain says:

    Really cool! Looking forward to the native phone app of this.

  2. Chen-Gang says:

    Awesome! I anticipated it for a long time. Thanks for your work.

  3. Ming says:

    Amazing job. Well done!

    Microsoft kind assistance on our developers are very much appreciated, I am not a fresh man in forums, our team always get helpful solutions in forums and some of us even said "I can't live without this forum, it is so much helpful" (Refer to forums.asp.net/…/1623465.aspx).

    However in the past, we could only get this kind of help if we have a computer that connect internet in hand, I never thought of one day I can use mobile service for surfing my dear forums. Thanks again for microsoft guys!

    BTW, It would be better if one more feature of this mobile service can be provided, that is one day I can search my questions in forums via my offline mobile.

    It is so nice have you in my life – To Microsoft!

  4. Bravo.Y says:

    Its amazing. The UI is that comfortable and it fits to my lumia 800 so nice. I really enjoy the experiences of using this cool site tool to browse my threads and hot topics in the forum. And it will be defenitely perfect if you guys can make it an app which can alert the replies to my threads as the Facebook Messgae does. Thank you.

  5. Ryan says:

    Awesome job! It is great to see the totally matched "Metro" style for a web app. You guys made a amazing stuff. It makes MSDN touchable, portable, and comfortable!

  6. Luke D says:

    The UI looks quite good, but what a pity that it still doesn't support editing&reply. Anyway, definitely a step forward. Look forward to the next version.

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