[WCF]Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation 4.0 Cookbook for Developing SOA Applications

This book finally gets published on October 20th 2010. I'm trying to provide some useful WCF sample cases and tips in this cookbook. Due to time and resource limitation, there are many drawbacks in this book, but I hope it will help you some. Also, if you find any problems or have questions about the book, welcome to contact me.

Title: Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation 4.0 Cookbook for Developing SOA Applications


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Comments (5)

  1. Le says:

    WCF is an excellent technology and this book matchs this "excellent", which is for anyone wanting to dig deep into WCF. The author provides many detailed explanations about how to effectively use WCF. After trying to get into other WCF books, there's no comparison. I highly recommend it.

    Steven, please keep writing. Thanks!

  2. saraf talukder says:

    very good read to improve WCF skills for a beginner to intermediate level. 10/10 for steven.


  3. Paul K says:

    I agree entirely with the previous comments. As a developer who has worked with .asmx and WCF web services, but mostly from the maintenance and enhancement side, I consider this book far and away the best at succinctly and clearly describing those aspects of WCF that I don't always get to work with. Clear and accurate examples, including configuration.

    So often as developers, when confronted with a new or evolving technology, we don't take the time fully to understand its potential and are quick to "roll our own" solutions (yes, I've been guilty of this too). If .NET web-service / SOA developers would take the time to read this book, I really think they'd be far less inclined to go the roll-you-own route. This book does a super job of pointing out the full depth and breadth of what WCF 4.0 can do. Super job!

  4. Swapna says:

    Do anyone have recipes of this book?

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