[WCF]Some good reference about WCF Extensibility

Windows Communication Foundation provides a unified platform for developing distributed and interoperable services on windows system. Its architecture is also quite flexible and support very powerful extensibility. For guys who’re interested in building custom extension component for WCF service/client, here are some useful resources.


After basic understanding on WCF, the following whitepaper(also attached here for your convenience) will help you get a clear understanding of WCF extensibility and the entire architecture.


#Understanding WCF Extensibility



After that, you’ll probably try some of the extensible points. And you can find more resource and document in the MSDN document of “Extending WCF”:


#Extending WCF



And finally, the technology Samples provided with windows SDK will help you speed up further/


#Windows Communication Foundation Extensibility Samples



understanding WCF extensibility.doc

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