WEBCAST: Getting Started with UX – for Startups

Getting Started with UX - for Startups

We all know how important User Experience is to a company, whether it's a mobile app, service, software, or hardware. While large companies have the ability to put significant resources behind creating a great user experience, at Microsoft, we know that most startups, like you, don’t have the luxury to do so.

That is why we are offering you this free webcast with Jacqueline Stetson Pastore, the founder of UXRD, a User Experience design firm exclusively for the startup community.

In this webcast, you will go through six core UX exercises that every startup should be focusing on in order to reach the best user experience. Examples to include:

  • Why UX is so important
  • How do you create a compelling user experience
  • What are some best practices and things to look for when evaluating a product's experience before launching it to your user base?
  • Good UX is the end result of many different activities.

You will also learn about the wealth of resources Microsoft has available to startups. For instance, Microsoft BizSparkthis is a program designed to provide startups all the resources they need to build successful companies and connect them with a community of experts.

Jacqueline Stetson PastoreJacqueline Stetson Pastore, UXRD

User Experience expert focused on UX strategy, user research, and interaction design with industries/field experience in startups,  communities, eLearning, intranet, venture capital, finance, banking, retail, ecommerce, customer service, pharma, real estate, jobs, art, client portal and fitness.

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Dec 11th, 2:00PM EST
Dec 18th, 2:00PM EST

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